Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5 Ideas to Design a Successful Website

When I talk about creativity, I feel there is no limit. Creative minds like to explore and go down the off-beaten track! The beauty of creativity is unearthing new ideas with every step. There are times however, when one needs to keep the purpose in mind whilst being creative as well!

The topic on design can be humongous to discuss and understand. The same applies to the various aspects of web design. There are various ways to design a website. I’m sure you must have said to yourself at times, “Which are the different ways to design a successful website?” To design a website requires a lot of thought in terms of creativity. We need to consider a website like a sea of opportunities that has so much to explore. We must also remember that we need to explore it wisely for our benefits! After a lot of interaction with webmasters and web designers, I decided to put across 5 ideas to design a successful website!

5 Ideas to Design a Successful Website
Explore your creative side (keep the user in mind!)
A website for many is a way to showcase their creativity to users all around the globe. However, the one thing you need to keep in mind is that it is good to be creative; however, delivering the message across effectively should be of utmost importance.
A website design should be creative and user-friendly!

Use Colors for an Impact (avoid spilling the palette!)
A color can communicate more than you can imagine! A website can look dramatically different when you play around with the color schemes. Understand that cool colors create a calm feel and warm colors add more life and spunk to the website. It is required that you understand the product/service which forms the gist of the website. A cool color like a shade of blue would suit a professional company, where as a bright shade of red can be used for a photographer’s website, where you can experiment with creativity.

The Power of Words (sans the essay format!)
If photographs can speak a thousand words, words in itself can help a user to visualize and understand things in minutes! Your headlines should be catchy and should capture the attention of the user. This is what will make them read what you have to say. Besides, you need to brief yourself with SEO tactics as Content is King!

Keep it Clutter-Free (don’t dump things on users!)
Every individual is different and their perception towards things is different as well. Use a strategy. Ensure you deliver your message effectively rather than dumping everything on one page. You can highlight one area of the website with an interesting interactivity so that the main message reaches users. In this manner, a website will communicate effectively to users.

Make it Engaging (keep them glued!)
Add elements of interest to the website. When you present information, ensure you display it in an interesting manner. Interesting elements help to capture user attention. This in turn ensures your message is conveyed effectively. For eg., presenting your offers to the user in the form of a panning card would engage users.

These ideas reflect the basic steps to be followed for web design. With the right basics, you can be sure to have a successful website that reaches a wider group of people!


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